What we do

Dawkins Occhiuto is a high quality commercial real estate agency founded by Andrew Dawkins & Walter Occhiuto.

The Company was established to provide clients with a premium service that is driven by the knowledge, skills and focus of the Directors. The overarching principles of Dawkins Occhiuto are a commitment to professionalism, integrity and optimising the clients’ outcomes.

The agency practice is nimble, sophisticated and driven by results.

Dawkins Occhiuto provides real estate services ranging from on market public marketing campaigns to strategic off market brokerage sales, specific consultancy advice and leasing instructions.

A core strength of the business is to add value to a sale or leasing instruction by optimising every result. The Directors do this by having a thorough understanding of the key drivers of value –

  • In depth market knowledge, both macro and micro
  • Technical knowledge of the asset class
  • Active market participants
  • Likely funding parameters
  • Future reversionary potential

The core of their business is built around the seniority and expertise of the team.

It is this strength, coupled with the track records of the Directors that stand Dawkins Occhiuto apart from their competitors.